Why a Ductless System Is a Great AC Installation Choice

Why a Ductless System Is a Great AC Installation Choice

A ductless AC system may seem like a thing of the future, but it’s actually growing in popularity in the United States as more and more people discover the benefits of going ductless. A ductless system works by linking mini-indoor units to an outdoor compressor.

Unlike conventional units where everything is connected to a duct, ductless systems put an individual unit in each room. They can be mounted in a myriad of ways as well, allowing you to decide on the right installation for your needs.

Energy Saving

Did you know an estimated 20-30% of energy gets lost in the ductwork? That’s money you’re spending, and you’re not even getting the benefits the system should provide you with! Even the best duct system will have eventually have leaks, and these drain your wallet. A ductless system prevents leaks while also using small pumps that consume less energy. You also won’t need to worry about cleaning out your ducts ever again. This means a ductless system can save you thousands of dollars while you’re in your home.

Works Year-Round

We’ll start by pointing out that there are models strictly focused on cooling; however, most systems allow for direction control. This means you can make your system pump in hot or cold air, depending on your needs. Because of this, you can use the system any time of the year and keep each room at a comfortable temperature for your needs.

Zone Control

One of the prime benefits of a ductless system is the ability to control each room separately. Do you have a guest bedroom that’s only used a couple of times a year? Does your spouse like to keep the office warmer or cooler than you do? With a ductless system, you control the temperature, meaning you don’t need to worry about cooling or heating a room that isn’t in use or fighting over the exact temperature on your thermostat. As an added bonus, you’ll create a more comfortable living environment for everyone in your home. Finally, you won’t need to worry about the compressor turning on and off (a major energy suck). Instead, the system will adjust to your needs.

Better Air Quality

We’ll be honest; duct systems can get pretty gross. They collect all of your hair, dirt, lint, dander, and other little debris from the air. When you turn on your system, this debris is pushed back into your home, creating a cycle that contributes to poor air quality. A ductless system pumps this debris out, resulting in cleaner air.


Whether you have an older home or new construction, you won’t need to worry about reconfiguring for ductwork. This makes a ductless system perfect for vintage homes that simply do not have the space for ducting while allowing you to keep the appearance of the house you love.

Getting a ductless system is a major decision, but the multitude of benefits that come with installing a system is vital for many homeowners. If you are considering installing a ductless system, contact us today.

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