Prevent AC Repair with This Important Service

Prevent AC Repair with This Important Service

While changing your filters and cleaning debris from around your AC unit is important, it’s still not good enough when it comes to tuning up your air conditioner. In general, it’s recommended to have a professional come out once a year for AC maintenance–or twice a year if you’re utilizing a heat pump system.

We hear you asking, “Why is maintenance so important for my air conditioner?” That’s what we’re here to answer. In this article, we will lay out 5 benefits that come with regular maintenance from a professional.

Prevent Future AC Repairs

As your cooling system works to keep you and your family cool during the hotter months, it suffers from natural wear and tear over time. By having a specialist come out to check your air conditioning system, they’re more likely to catch a small problem before it turns into a larger issue down the line.

When the AC breaks down suddenly, then that will call for an emergency repair. Depending on the time and weather conditions (e.g. extremely hot), it will have a heftier price tag. Annual or bi-annual AC service can greatly reduce the chances of that happening.

Increase Your AC’s Efficiency

Regular maintenance also improves the energy consumption of your unit. As it collects grime and dirt, and the parts start to work incorrectly, the AC unit needs to use more power to do the same amount of work.

The technician will come in and clean everything– spic and span! They’ll also ensure everything is functioning properly and remove anything that may obstruct air so your AC runs smoothly.

Extend Your AC’s Lifespan

Another benefit of yearly maintenance is the lifespan boost you’ll see. On average, the AC system can last 10-15 years if it’s well taken care of. However, that number is cut in half when it’s left to its own devices. It’s really as simple as having someone come out twice a year to clean and tune up the minor wear and tear on the unit. It could save you from needing to replace the entire system, which is an expensive cost.

Better Air Quality

When your AC is in tip-top condition, you’ll see the best air quality in your home. The system is able to effectively move new, clean air into the house and move out the old, stale air. During maintenance service, the tech will clean the coil to remove all the gunk and grime, ensuring the air you and your family breathe is nice and fresh.

It Saves You Money

Now that you aren’t spending money on costly repairs or high energy bills, you’ll be able to save and put that cash towards something more important to you. It’s a small price to pay upfront for the peace of mind your AC machine will work in your time of need.

So, when is the right time to schedule your maintenance? We say now–this is the time before you need your system the most. Of course, frequency matters more than timing! You should have AC maintenance done once a year.

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