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Maintenance Program

The Importance of Having a Maintenance Plan

Much like your car, your home heating and cooling system requires regular scheduled service to maintain an efficient reliable level of comfort in your home. A Preferred Comfort Club Membership assures that regular preventative maintenance of your heating and cooling system will not be overlooked or forgotten, saving you both time and money!

Important Safety and Health Facts

  • A cooling system that is 20% undercharged is 50% less efficient; effectively doubling the cost of operation and significantly reducing the life of the system.
  • Regular scheduled service reduces the risk of costly break downs by finding small problems and fixing them before they become big ones!
  • Regular scheduled service ensures that the manufacturer’s warranties will be honored if major repairs are needed.
  • The number one cause of fires in homes is lint build–up in the dryer vent.
  • An investment in regularly scheduled service pays off in:
    • Lower cost of operation
    • Extended system life
    • Improved comfort & reliability
    • Safe operation and peace of mind
  • Dirt sediment build up in water heater increases utility operation costs and reduces hot water supply and decreases life expectancy of water heater.
  • Centers for Disease Control, reports that more than 400 Americans die each year from carbon monoxide damage and 20,000 visit the emergency room from CO poisoning.
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Benefits of Having a Preferred Comfort Club Membership

With a maintenance plan you know your HVAC system will work as needed throughout the hottest days of summer and the coolest days of November to February each year, as well as the lowered costs and preferred pricing and availability of one of Northern New Mexico’s quality service providers.

On top of all this, you can transfer your Preferred Comfort Club Membership between old and new systems if you decide at any point to have Roadrunner install a new, higher efficiency heating or air conditioning system for your home.

If you are ready to have your heating and air conditioning system maintained by the company trusted by more of your neighbors than anyone else, call Roadrunner today and setup your annual HVAC maintenance plan. We are standing by and ready to take your call and get your home the service and care it needs to remain comfortable and safe for years to come.


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Free Estimate on any New Installation*
Keep Your System Running Efficiently
  • Annual 26 Point System Performance Evaluation
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  • 15% Dicsount On All Repairs (parts & labor)
  • Two Year Guarantee on all Repairs, Parts & Labor
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