What Are the Pros and Cons of Air Duct Cleaning?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Air Duct Cleaning?

If your home has a system of ductwork, you may have wondered what’s going on in there, out of sight and out of reach. We usually only see the inside of ductwork when we watch action heroes crawl through it in movies—and that’s not a particularly accurate depiction. Does it get dirty in there? And is there something you should be doing about it?

Duct cleaning is a service we offer, and we always like to make sure customers are fully informed about the potential benefits of our services. In this case, there are some common misconceptions about what the benefits are, so it’s also important that you know what duct cleaning cannot provide.

The EPA Weighs In

Studies done by the Environmental Protection Agency don’t show clear or specific health benefits that you will derive from having your ducts cleaned, so there is no guarantee that your health will improve after duct cleaning. The only situations for which the EPA strongly recommends that you have your ducts professionally cleaned are if your family has allergy symptoms or ailments that are otherwise unexplained or if there is a musty odor or visible mold or animal infestation when you look into your vents.

The Importance of a Reputable Service Provider

The EPA also emphasizes how critical it is to have duct cleaning done by trained, experienced professionals, as it is possible for amateurs to damage your ductwork in the process of trying to clean it. Your technician should be able to answer all your questions, should provide an estimate up front, and should not make any specific guarantees about demonstrable health benefits, as those are unconfirmed by research.

Clear Benefits

If you don’t have major mold or mouse problems or mysterious respiratory symptoms, are there any clear benefits to having a professional cleaning for your ductwork in Santa Fe, NM? Yes! There are two major ways that duct cleaning can have a huge positive impact on your life and your HVAC system.

  • Dust Reduction: Getting particles like pet hair, pollen, and grit out of your ductwork doesn’t just mean they won’t be blown out into the air you breathe, it also means they won’t be gumming up your HVAC system. This can decrease the risk of wear and tear, inefficiency, and need for repairs and increase the life expectancy of your system.
  • Visual Inspection: When the dust is cleaned away, your technician can check your ductwork for any damage. If you’ve been noticing a lot of dust coming from your vents, it may not be just that it’s dirty inside the ducts. It could be that a crack or hole in a duct is allowing contaminated air to be pulled in from unoccupied areas like your attic, which could contain all kinds of debris like insulation fibers. Again, these particles are not just unpleasant to breathe, they are also not good for the inner workings of your heating and air conditioning systems.

If you have any questions about your particular HVAC system or what would be involved in having it cleaned, we’d love to hear from you.

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