5 Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

5 Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

If you’re looking into your options for replacing or upgrading your air conditioning system, ductless air conditioning or a mini-split system might be an ideal solution.

If you haven’t heard of this option, or you’ve heard the name but don’t know much about it, we would love to give you more information so you can consider whether it might be the right choice for your home.

There are a wide array of benefits to using a ductless air conditioning system, and we will explore five of the most significant ones.

1: It Works in Many Situations

A ductless system can be installed in a home that previously had central air through a system of ductwork. It can be installed in addition to a ducted system if you have areas of your home that were never connected to the ductwork, such as an addition or a previously unoccupied space (like a garage or attic) that has been enclosed to use as living space.

It can also be easily installed in homes without ductwork, where you might otherwise be using window air conditioning units and struggling to keep your whole space at a consistent temperature.

2: Installation is Easy

The installation is simple and only requires a small hole for the conduit that connects the outdoor condenser to the indoor air handlers. And the air handlers themselves can be put in many possible locations, so they can fit with the layout of your home.

3: It Provides Cooling and Heating

A mini split can both cool and heat your home. A simple switch can reverse the flow of the refrigerant in the system, so it can deliver either crisply conditioned cold air or warmth to make your home cozy in the winter. The simplicity of keeping your temperature controlled all year with one system can give you peace of mind.

4: Zone Control

With air handlers placed in rooms throughout your home, you have control over where your conditioned air goes. Each air handler has its own thermostat, so there is no need to cool areas that are unoccupied, and people with different ideas about ideal temperature can each keep their own spaces comfortable for them. This can help with reducing energy usage, by allowing you to limit energy expenditure to just where it is actually needed.

5: Efficiency

In addition to not wasting energy by cooling the whole home just to keep one room comfortable, there is another way that ductless systems are more efficient. In a ducted system, any damage or deterioration in the ductwork can cause leaks, allowing conditioned air to be wasted by letting it out in spaces like your attic or between your walls. Nearly a third of a ducted system’s energy use can be a result of loss through leaks. Without ducts, this loss will simply never occur. Your utility bills will benefit, and your carbon footprint will decrease.

It’s important to choose a ductless system that suits the square footage and layout of your home. When you’re ready to learn more about ductless air conditioning in Santa Fe, NM, our technicians can assess your home and your needs and help you find options that fit your home and your budget.

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