Common Radiant Heating Repair Issues

Common Radiant Heating Repair Issues

Radiant heating systems involve a series of metal tubes placed beneath the flooring of your home, surrounded by reflective tiles to better conduct heat. Hot water is run through the tubes, evenly heating the floor and sending warmth up through the furnishings and feet of any occupants in the home.

A big reason people love radiant heating systems is that they provide steady heating and they don’t cost an arm and a leg to run. They also aren’t prone to as many issues as perhaps a forced-air furnace would be. They are not indestructible, though. Keep reading to learn about the common radiant heating repair issues we often receive calls for.

Insufficient Heating

If the water moving through the tubes of your radiant heating system isn’t warm enough, the system can’t function as it should, and you’ll see an increase in your energy bills as the system tries unsuccessfully to do its job. This problem can be caused by a faulty burner, a problematic thermostat, or even by a broken pump that can’t circulate the water through the pipes the way it should.


Fortunately, leaks rarely occur inside the tubes themselves. This is because they are sealed and protected by the flooring. When they do happen, however, they need to be addressed right away so that the water doesn’t cause damage to your floorboards. More common water leaks happen in the central unit, where fittings and connections can become loose over time. Not every leak is made apparent by a puddle of water. Be sure to check the water pressure in your system to spot any leaks where the water evaporates.

Electrical Problems

Electricity runs the pump that circulates the water and other key parts of your radiant heating system. Faulty connections or loose wiring can create problems in that area and cause your system to shut down.

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