Factors to Consider before a Furnace Installation

Factors to Consider before a Furnace Installation

If you have an older furnace that you are considering replacing, the good news is that today’s models have a lot to offer by way of efficiency and comfort levels. However, it’s important that the furnace you purchase is the right fit for your home. Many homeowners believe that the furnace installation process is simple.

While our technicians are highly experienced and licensed to do work of this nature, there are a number of factors we must take into consideration for your heater installation. Keep in mind that a properly installed furnace can last 15 to 20 years, stressing the importance of professional service. Read on to learn more about the considerations our staff takes.

Size of the System

Bigger is better, right? Unfortunately this is one of the most common misconceptions people make about their heating systems, and as a result they are stuck with systems that do not work as efficiently or as effectively as they should.

Our trained professionals do a heat load calculation and look at factors such as your home’s orientation, levels of insulation, floor plan, and number of occupants, number and types of windows and doors, and finally the square footage of your home.

Furnace Type

There are two types of furnaces—electric and fuel-based. The fuel-powered furnaces most often use natural gas, and are ideal for homes that have access to the municipal gas lines. Fuel based systems can also run on propane or fuel, however. If you prefer to go cleaner, then an electric furnace can be a better choice for you.

Energy Efficiency

Today’s furnace models are extremely energy efficient. The best way to determine a furnace system’s efficiency is to review its AFUE rating. This stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency, and is a measurement of a furnace’s efficiency when converting fuel to energy. The higher the AFUE rating is, the greater energy efficiency of the furnace.

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