Is a Whole-Home Air Purifier Worth the Investment?

Is a Whole-Home Air Purifier Worth the Investment?

The short answer to this is, “yes, almost always!” But don’t worry, we will elaborate.

A lot of homeowners are struggling lately with deciding how to stay healthy inside their homes. Indoor air quality has become a buzzword lately. We want you to understand what exactly it is that a whole-house purifier does and why it benefits so many homes to have.

Keep in mind, no indoor air quality product can ever guarantee that virus transmission will ever happen, but using the right products and services in your home will greatly reduce your risks. Read on to learn why.

Your HVAC Air Filter Is Not Enough

There are homeowners out there who still think that the air filter that came with their air conditioner or heater is enough to protect their indoor air quality. These air filters don’t hurt indoor air quality, and they do draw dust, dirt, and debris from the air—but that’s because this air filter is drawing in warm air in order to put it through a refrigerant process to cool your home, and the debris is just a byproduct of that.

What we are getting at here, is that the HVAC air filter is there to protect the systems itself from debris, not to protect your indoor air quality, and especially not to protect your home from virus transmission.

What’s Unique about a Whole-House Air Purifier?

When you hear the term “air purifier” do you envision a little robot type appliance that sits on top of a dresser or on the floor? These are portable air purifiers, and are effective for a single room or for a very small studio apartment. But they won’t give you any significant results if you have a multiple room or multiple story home.

Rather, you should consider the installation of a whole house electronic air purifier and/or a whole-house UV air purifier, each with their own benefits. The electronic system draws dust, dirt, and viral particles from the air, while the UV air purifier is installed in the ductwork and kills the source of viruses and bacteria before it even has the chance to enter your indoor air.

Whole-House Air Purifiers are Cost-Efficient

Like we mentioned, portable air purifiers are really only effective for one room. So what happens if you have a 4 bedroom home? You’ll need one for each bedroom, your kitchen, and your living room, if you really want to rid your whole home of contaminants. This means maintaining and replacing the filters in 6 units every few months!

A whole-house system, however, doesn’t require this kind of care, and can be installed directly into the HVAC system. Plus, this will help your air conditioner itself run more efficiently, making a whole-house system very cost-effective.

Whole-House Air Purifiers are Convenient

Like we mentioned above, your whole-house air purifier can be installed directly into the HVAC system. This means it takes up no unnecessary space in your home like multiple portable systems would. You also don’t have to worry about the noise associated with multiple portable systems around your home.

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