Is a Humidifier Necessary for Your Home?

Is a Humidifier Necessary for Your Home?

If you’ve lived through even one spring or summer season in New Mexico, then you know the phrase, “but it’s a dry heat” offers little solace. This is particularly true when you are indoors, trying to find relief from the outside heat. You crank up your AC and find that it does offer the cooling effect you want, however you may notice the air seems even drier.

This is because your air conditioner naturally removes moisture from the air. Even though it’s a very minimal amount, the last thing you want on a dry day is more dryness! The relative humidity levels in your home should be between 30%–50%. In this past week, they’ve been around 20%. These low levels can make you feel uncomfortable, and may even affect your health. Is a whole-house humidifier the answer? Let’s look at some of the advantages:

Increased Comfort and Better Health

Have you ever felt dehydrated within your own home? A lack of moisture in the air can do this to you. This not only makes you feel extremely uncomfortable, but it can also be harmful to your health. Dehydration causes fatigue and suppresses your immune system, making it more likely that you’ll get sick.

There are a number of viruses and germs that thrive in low humidity. As a result, your home’s occupants may suffer from a number of health effects, including chapped skin, a sore throat, and dry nasal passages. Due to this, they can become ill easier.

Whole-Home Solution

Room humidifiers serve one purpose. That purpose is to add excess moisture to the room they are in. This does not bode well for the rest of your household. Whole-house humidifiers are installed directly into your HVAC system, making it an extremely energy-efficient and more affordable option for large homes.

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