How Faulty Ductwork Affects Your Air Conditioner

How Faulty Ductwork Affects Your Air Conditioner

When you live in a climate such as ours, chances are high that you think about your air conditioner a good amount. Naturally, you want it to function effectively and efficiently. What most homeowners don’t think about, however, is the “V” part of HVAC—the ventilation system that connects your AC system to the outside, making the distribution of cooled air possible. This makes sense—after all, this ventilation system is mostly out of sight, hidden behind walls, beneath floors, or in your attic and crawlspace.

Unfortunately, this ventilation system can accumulate damage, particularly if it was installed by an amateur or if it’s decades old. And if your ductwork is affected by leaks, poor connections, or bad construction, then you may be experiencing issues that lead to poor HVAC efficiency and repair needs. One of the most common problems that leads to ductwork damage is a ventilation system that wasn’t properly sized for the home in which it’s installed. This is why it’s so important to hire a professional HVAC contractor in Los Alamos, NM for any of your AC and ductwork needs.

What Do Poorly Sized Ducts Do to Your AC System?

The first thing to note is that if your ductwork isn’t properly sized, you’ll likely notice it soon after your air conditioner is installed since the system will make noise due to the blockage or restriction of air flow. Unfortunately, too many people dismiss this as “just a noisy air conditioner.” Given the advancements being made in HVAC technology, you should never settle for a noisy brand new air conditioner!

When your ductwork is too large for the system, though, it will create reduced air flow, which will result in uneven temperatures throughout your home, as conditioned air won’t be able to reach all of the vents. Studies show that improper ductwork design and/or installation can lead to as much as a 60% loss in cooling (and heating) efficiency.

This hurts your wallet, of course, but it’s also bad news for the air conditioner. The cooling system will struggle to reach the temperature you set for it, and the air conditioner will start to decline in performance. This means you’ll be facing more repairs to components like motors, fan belts, and compressors. Additionally, you will likely find yourself facing a premature AC system replacement and the sudden expense that comes along with it.

Other Problems Associated with Duct Problems

Whether it’s that your ducts aren’t properly sized or they are poorly connected, they can experience air leaks, which will result in a reduction of cooling and heating power from the HVAC system. Another issue that can affect any aging ductwork, no matter how well it was installed, is if that ductwork is installed in a hot attic with no real protection from the elements other than your roof (which is not a good insulator at all). As a result, your ducts will accumulate pinhole leaks, which will need to be professionally sealed so you don’t lose out on conditioned air.

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