Call for Ductless Mini Split Repairs if You Notice These Signs

Call for Ductless Mini Split Repairs if You Notice These Signs

Ductless mini splits are just as susceptible to problems as any other system. Also, like most other systems, ductless mini split problems tend to get worse if they are left alone. If you’re using a ductless mini split to keep warm this winter, you should know the signs that your system is in need of repair. Let’s take a look at some of the common signs that your ductless mini split system needs professional attention.

Drop in Heat Output

If your ductless mini split system isn’t heating properly, there are a couple different things that could be wrong. If the ductless system seems to be air conditioning instead of heating, then you probably have a problem with your reversing valve. The reversing valve is the part that allows the ductless system to reverse the flow of refrigerant through its system, which is how it offers both heating and cooling modes. If the valve is broken, the system will become stuck in one mode or another.

If your ductless system seems to be losing output over time, however, then it’s more likely that you have a refrigerant leak. A leak in the refrigerant line will drain the heat transfer fluid that the system needs to release heat into the home. Eventually, this will cause a full system breakdown.

Strange Noises

If you hear strange noises of any kind coming from your ductless system, you should definitely call for repairs. It could be nothing, but it’s far better to be safe than sorry. A grinding sound, for example, is a sign that the bearings in the air handler are wearing out. If they aren’t replaced, the air handler motor could overheat and burn itself out.

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