4 Great Reasons to Choose Ductless Air Conditioning

4 Great Reasons to Choose Ductless Air Conditioning

You’re still enjoying cool weather now, but the season for air conditioning is not as far away as it might seem. How happy have you been with your air conditioning over the past few years? Does it keep your whole home consistently cool enough? Does it make your energy bills sky-high, or is it reasonably efficient? If you’re not completely satisfied with the AC system you currently have, you might want to consider a ductless system.

There are a lot of benefits to going ductless, but one of the biggest advantages is the versatility it offers. Here are some situations that might make a ductless system the best choice for your home.

1: A Home Without Ductwork

In an older home, it’s unlikely that ductwork would have been installed as part of the construction. Even some newer homes lack ductwork. Does that mean you’re stuck with window units when you want to cool your home? Not necessarily!

If you’re tired of lugging them out when the weather heats up and re-installing them every year, or you’re unsatisfied with the cooling they provide because it doesn’t reach your whole home, ductless is a great option. You won’t deal with the expense and bother of having ducts installed or the worry of not having space for them. Ductless systems just require a small hole to connect the conduit between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit along with streamlined air handlers on your walls.

2: A Home With Damaged Ductwork

What if your home was built with ductwork but it’s been damaged by specific incidents or even just deteriorated with the passage of time? Estimates say that up to 30% of conditioned air can be lost through cracks or holes in ductwork, which means you could be paying a lot more for your cooling than you should be.

This can also put extra wear and tear on your air conditioner. While ductwork can certainly be repaired when the damage is minor or isolated, severely damaged ducts require replacement. But with ductless AC in Santa Fe, you can eliminate the need for them altogether.

3: A Home With an Addition

If you’ve added on to your home, or are considering either building an addition or enclosing previously uninsulated space like a garage or attic to be part of the living space of your home, you might not want to add to the system of ductwork to be able to cool that space. A ductless system can be added to a home with ductwork, allowing you to use that space in comfort and with ease.

4: A Home that Needs Heating as Well

A ductless mini-split has a reversing valve that changes the direction that the refrigerant in the system flows. During the summer, it can absorb heat from inside and release it outdoors. Once the weather changes and you flip that switch, it can bring heat into your home, keeping you comfortable all year long.

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